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Tyre Retreading


Conserving resources through recycling

Retreading is a process that provides tyres with a second life by giving a new tread to a worn tyre. We meticulously check the casings before retreading, to ensure that there is no casing damage that could reduce the safety and performance of the retreaded tyre. When the casing has been approved, the worn tread is buffed away and a new tread is bonded to the tyre casing using cold process, the technology similar to the manufacture of a new tyre, bonding a new tread through the application of heat and pressure for a predetermined time.

We produce our retreads in a very modern plant operated by trained engineers and professional retread specialists adhering to stringent industry standards at every step of the retreading process. Each retread can be traced back to the facility that produced it and only the best worn tyres are used for retreading. Contrary to the myths, retread tyre is safe enough even for use on aircraft and quality retreads give the same mileage, withstand heat and perform under harsh road conditions as good as new tyres.


To verify whether the casing is acceptable for retreading, by thorough inspection of each tyre both inside and outside the technicians can identify the casing injuries, determine if repairable and need to reject or approve the casing for processing.


The tyre's old tread is mechanically removed on high speed buffers. It removes the worn tread, textures the surface and corrects any discrepancies in the circumference of the tyre.


Remove any embedded objects to ensure a clean and solid surface suitable for retreading.


Spraying a thin layer of concentrated rubber solution onto the repaired casing. Filling of the skived area with gum cord.

Tread Application

A cushion gum bonding layer is placed between the tread and the casing.  New layer of highly compact pre-cured tread is then built onto the casing.


Special envelop is used to enclose the tyre and ensure the casing, bonding gum and pre-cured tread are successfully bonded together.


Secures the tread to the casing, the retread is then cured in a flexible envelope at a moderate temperature and pressure.

Final Inspection

To complete off the process, the newly retreaded tyre is returned for a final visual and manual inspection to ensure it meets all performance and appearance specifications.

This inspection ensures that the retreaded tyres meet industry quality standards, are allowed to leave the retread plant. All retreaded tyres are encouraged to be returned with the sidewalls painted using a light coat of black tyre paint.