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Tyre Remanufacturing

Segmented Vulcanized Process

Replacing your old Tyres with new ones

Our R&D efforts have borne fruit in the development of a new third generation technology for tyre manufacturing for the first time in the UAE known as the Segmented Vulcanized Re-manufacturing Process. Based on an Italian technology this is a reconstructive process that is far superior in terms of product quality and is immensely environment-positive. It is very close to the manufacturing process of a new tyre and therefore ensures top quality for the end product.

Uncured tread rubber and sidewall veneer are directly applied to the buffed tyre casing which is then built up to the specified diameter with the uncured rubber. The tyre is then moved to the mould where it is inflated to a pre-decided pressure and the inflation of the casing conforms the uncured rubber to the mould. In this method manufacturing vulcanization of the tyre is done in the mould at a particular temperature and the shape and tread pattern are created by the matrix in the pneumatic press.

As a quality driven organization and trusted manufacturer of tyre retreading accessories, we conduct rigorous testing procedures to well examine the tyres at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure hassle free performance.

Advantages of Segmented Vulcanized Re-manufacturing


As against the conventional hot process this is performed in a segmented mould and is ideal for radial tyres.


The re-manufactured tyre is exactly similar to a new tyre and is hard to differentiate.


The technology is superior to pre-cure retreading process.


These tyres can withstand the scuffing and abrasion better than pre-cure retreads and are not prone to the usual problems of the latter such as tread lift, joint separation etc.


Segmented vulcanization enables grater mileage for tyres, up to 95% of a new one, since ample repairs can be done on the tyre carcass.


The process also allows a range of tread patterns to meets wider application needs.


Hot retreading allows extensive repairs to be carried out on the tyre carcass and ensures greater tyre mileage – up to 95% of a new tyre.


A wide range of tread patterns are available to suit various applications.


This proven rubber technology is perfected and tread joints are not visible making them superior to pre-cure treads in traffic checks..